Jordan Stokes 
Design. Art Direction


I am originally from a little town just outside of Manchester, but I am currently living and working in Sydney.

I’m an ideas man to put it simply, I love doing things for a reason and putting that extra bit of thought into something to make it great. Whether its advertising, branding, print, digital, film or anything really, I am happy working in whatever medium or on any kind of work.

I'm sure you don't want to hear about the fine details of my upbringing or listen to me talk about myself any more than necessary, so here’s a short and snappy summary.

I graduated from Preston Uni in 2008.
I love ideas, and doing things for a reason.
I love working with nice people on any kind of work.
I like a challenge. 
I love finding new things out.
I like curry.
I don't dance much.
I have a list of 52 minor celebrities that I plan to turn into a calendar.
Every year I do this.
I hadn’t eaten corned beef hash until 2008.
I once went to a party with Andy McDonald from Coronation Street.
I have had a piece of work featured in Kerrang Magazine.

Whilst I mess about getting my actual website together you can see some of the stuff I have been doing over the past 8 or so years on...

Secret 7"